Poledance Aid To Fitness

Poledance as an aid to fitness

Poledancing is a wonderful form of exercise that accentuates all the most attractive muscles groups and body shapes that girls dream of and guys crave. Pole dancing primarily requires leg strength, and utilizes the abdominal muscles, this in turn lets you develop great abs, a flat stomach and overall toned body. The added bonus is that the exercises burn off calories. It can burn hundreds of calories an hour, thus losing weight and gaining muscle faster than many other exercises.

But probably the best part of using pole dancing as an exercise, is it’s fun. What could be more boring than sit ups, crunches, and other ab exercises, plus the unnecessary strain on your neck and other muscles you use to sit up. Pole dancing is definitely a fun way to feel confident, and have fun exercising, thus being fitter and healthier.

But its not just an exercise it can also be a fun social event, and a great form of entertainment, for things like hen parties. As you know, having fun at parties is better if people are out of their comfort zone, doing things they wouldn’t normally attempt, pole dancing is a great way to do just that.

According to the IPDFA (International Pole Dance Fitness Association) modern western day pole dancing has evolved into an exercise form practiced not only by professional performers, but by students, gym users, and recognized pole athletes. The high intensity pole exercises combine strength based training, and isometric muscle contractions, that give the body a full workout. For those who have raised eyebrows about the new fitness trend, they need not worry, pole dancing classes are not associated with any form of stripping, nor is it practiced in smoke filled rooms.

(1) Strips Away The Pounds

Pole dancing can contribute to significant weight loss when combined with other fat burning exercises. It’s possible to burn as many as 250 calories in a single session, equivalent to a good gym workout.

(2) Builds And Tones Muscle

Pole exercises are a combination of building and toning muscle. Dancers learn to support their body weight with just one arm as they increase their upper body strength. A combination of strength, endurance and flexibility are all used to perform routines, with their quadriceps, and triceps seemingly making it effortless to hang in mid-air.


(3) Increases Your Flexibility

If you’re not able to touch your toes, pole dancing could be the answer to improve your flexibility. The warm up routines in a pole dance class involves plenty of stretching to reduce tension. This also helps with moves like splits and back-bends.

You can read about Danna who herniated two discs in her lower spine (during a jazz/lyrical dance rehearsal) and was told she would never dance again. With the aid of pole dancing she has transformed her life, and is now a renowned pole dance instructor, offering home pole dance tutorials.

(4) Boosts Your Confidence

Pole dancing can really give your confidence a boost, like all other types of exercise the feel good hormone, endorphin’s are released. The ability to perform like a gymnast will give you parallels of a gold medalist. Your levels of confidence will make you look healthier, and younger.


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